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  Interpretation of “Goji King” Brand

  Core design concept: Q refers to a goji, which is natural, pure, health, energetic and unique.

  The main body of the picture is derived from the letter “Q”, which is the first letter in the pinyin of “Goji King”.

  1. The transparent goji signifies pureness and naturalness-extreme pureness.

  2. The symbol can also be taken as a goji seeding growing against a red sun rising above the horizon line. It symbolizes the original ecological environment to which the enterprise attaches much importance, and also expresses the energetic and vigorous enterprise culture.

  3. The entire symbol is also like a soaring bird, and it signifies the looking-forward development vision of the enterprise while emphasizing the ecology and life.

  4. The shape of the goji extends to the entire space from inside out and signifies the broad market prospect of the product and the close relationship between the product quality and its planting environment.

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