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Human Resources

  Ningxia Qitai Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd devotes itself to bring you health, happiness, and glory. Its sincerity and dream is reflected in its brands—“Goji King” and “Shang.” We hope that talents will join Qitai where they can give full play to their merits. Let’s work together to build Qitai into a first-rate agricultural company and “Goji King” and “Shang” into brands which will bring health and dream to this world.

  I. Vacancies

  1. On-line marketing; 2. Planning and R&D; 3. Management; 4. Financial management; 5. Administrative management; 6. Forestry technology

  II. Requirements

  1. Honest, diligent, and bright;

  2. A quick, earnest, and clever learner;

  3. No requirement for educational background, and experience is preferred;

  4. Students or servicemen are OK.

  III. Candidates are hired where suitable. Salary will be commensurate with experience. “Insurance and Housing Fund” are provided. Salary is determined through negotiation.

  IV. Contact Person: Ms. Ren

  Tel: 13259698800 0955—5033111 0955—5790466


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