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  Thank you for knowing us and choosing us. It is like meeting and making new friends among the sea of faces. It is usually passing-by and there will never be a chance to meet again.

  As time goes by, we start to realize that the true love must be warm and safe. As described in an old movie Drunken Love, the protagonist tried every possible mix of wines but finally found out that only a cup of water could accompany him for a life time. Our goji are just like a cup of warm water, safe and warm.

  In the life of every “Goji King” goji, there is sunshine, rain and dew, and test on soil, water source, leaves and fruits, and every “Goji King” goji is worthy of the hardworking of the farmers nurturing them and picking them. There is birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers in the goji orchard, and the soil and water are pure and clean. The biological pesticides are used and no pesticide abuse is allowed. Organic fertilizer is also used to show our longing and respect for the nature. The goji are carrying the faith and respect of all the Qitai staff.

  Life is like a goji. There are ups and downs, like the fluctuation of output and climate conditions. There are also something that never changes, such as the pursuit for high quality and safety of Qitai staff. Each “Goji King” goji is unique, and grows only in a natural and safe manner. It is like the son of nature coming from a path alongside the brook with rain of flowers falling from above. It is also like a glittering and translucent agate, which reflects the shine of a vivid life. It absorbs of spirit of heaven and earth, only to provide you with the essence of the sun and the moon.

  Goji are the treasure bestowed by heaven. They are living creatures even when they are staying quietly in a bottle. Liu Yuxi wrote a famous poem named The Well of Goji and Li Shizhen introduced goji into Compendium of Materia Medica. “Goji King” goji, our pride, are from the old site of Mingsha State in Tang Dynasty with one thousand years history. Each goji brings warmth to you life and safe love to your family.


  Goji King

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