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  ★Background: Ningxia Qitai Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd was incorporated in March 2014 in the background of severe food safety situation, national consumer confidence risk, and increasing emphasis of consumers on food safety and sanitary consuming environment, considering that “Zhongning goji” has very good health efficacy, precious homology of medicine and food, rich cultural deposits, huge market potential and the consumer cognition of “Zhongning goji”, and considering the chaos in the market and damage that has been brought to the brand image. The Company will rely on the technical support of the National Goji Engineering Center under Ningxia Academy of Agro-Forestry Sciences to develop top-grade goji.

  ★Investment and development target: Construction of “Goji Cultural Industry Park of Zhongning, Ningxia” covering 10,000mu, including Core Demonstration Park of 3,000 mu built on the transferred land, and “Company + Cooperation + Farmers” Planting Base covering 7,000 mu.

  ★ Main cultivars: No. 7 Ningqi, No. 5 Ningqi, 0901 and black goji

  ★ Industrial support: the CPC Committee of Zhongning County, the People’s Government of Zhongning County and Ningxia Agricultural Comprehensive Investment Co., Ltd.

  ★ Technical support: National Goji Engineering Center under Ningxia Academy of Agro-Forestry Sciences

  ★ Core concepts: We produce only safe goji.

  ★ Brand “Goji King” and “Shang”

  ★ Brand connotation: build the leading brand “Goji King” and “Shang” in the goji market based on reliable quality, safety connotation and caring service.

  ★ Market positioning: market oriented; target consumers include middle class and above in international and domestic markets that pursue a healthy life; we sell only top-grade goji series products.

  ★ Operation aim: “safe, reliable, exquisite, top-graded and limited”

  ★ Quality foundation: a biological organic fertilizer factory with annual production of 10,000 tons

  ★ Development advantages: a high starting point and a favorable place of origin; standard production and new and outstanding species; quality traceability, safety and reliability; outstanding brand, integrity and exquisiteness.

  ★ Development strategy: enterprise development based on technology, brand building and team building

  ★ Technical routes:

  1. Standardized production

  Criteria on pesticide residue, SO2 and heavy metal for international markets formulated and implemented based on existing production technical procedures and commodity export criteria of Zhongning County and China, and Safe Goji Commodity Criteria and Safe Cultivation Technique Procedures for Goji with genuineness of Zhongning goji and the richness of Zhongning goji in polysaccharide, amino acid and microelements as the main connotation

  2. Production plus sales traceability system

  The Safe Goji Quality Traceability System will be established for seamless tracing of production and sales including all steps such as quality of self-cultivated land, irrigation water quality, species, cultivation, processing, storage, transportation and sales.

  ★ Visions: Our Company will actively get involved into the new rural construction in local areas with support from the CPC committees and governments at various levels and China Tourism Academy; facilitate construction of a manorial economy demonstration area themed “Goji Town of Zhongning” with co-development of the Company and farmers as the goal and operation and development of goji industry as the principle line in a market-oriented manner; and create a goji cultural tourism destination integrating rural tourism, field experience, science popularization education, cultural expo and healthy food buying. The ultimate goal is to build Goji Cultural Industry Park of Zhongning, Ningxia into a goji industry system integrating base planting, R&D, intensive processing, e-commerce, tourism, and international market development and sales.

  Ningxia Qitai Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd

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