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  1. Goji, white fungus, and papaya soup—to increase your body energy


  Ingredients: papaya 300g, rock candy 50g, which fungus, goji 10g, 20 lotus seeds, and water 1,300g.

  Recipe: ① Soak the white fungus in water for 1 hour, then add water and lotus seeds before boiling until the soup is gelatin-like.

  ② Add the rock candy and goji, and boil until the candy is melt.

  ③ Add papaya, and boil for 5 more minutes. And it is done.

  Function: papaya can improve digestion, eliminate toxin, and beautify skin. White fungus is good for lungs, stomach, brain, and heart, and promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid. The lotus seeds nourish spleens, check diarrhea, and tranquilize mind by nourishing the heart. And our goji is good for spleen, liver, and eyes.

  1. Goji and longan soup—more nutritious and delicious


  Ingredients: 1 egg, longan 10g, goji 10g, rock candy 25g

  Recipe: ① Boil the egg and peel off its shell. Peel off the skins of longan.

  ② Boil goji, egg, longan, and rock candy together until the candy is melt. If you want the color of goji retained, add them later into the soup.

  Function: the soup is good for spleen and liver, and replenishes qi and blood.

  2. Goji, oats, and nuts mixed with yogurt—great breakfast



  Ingredients: goji 10g, oats 10g, some nuts, a cup of yogurt, butter, and a small amount of sugar.

  Recipe: ① Heat the butter, add some sugar, and mix thoroughly. Add oats, mix thoroughly, and put them on the tinfoil.

  ② Bake them in the oven (120℃) for about 8 minutes until the oats have a toast tan.

  ③ Add oats, nuts, goji, and yogurt in order, and probably some fruits. You can eat now!

  Function: oats can help improve the blood circulation, relieve the stress in life and work, and efficiently reduce cholesterol in the human body; nuts can regulate the blood fat, soften blood-fat blood vessels, protect heart and blood vessels, and are good for brains; yogurt and increase the probiotics in intestines, facilitate the health of intestines, is delicious and nutritious, and goes perfectly with goji.

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