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How to eat goji

  Published time:2014-12-04  Click number:570

  Goji fruits are safe without any toxin. Long-time but moderate consumption of goji is good for people. A healthy adult should eat 10-20 grams of goji every day.


  Who needs to eat goji?

  Goji is good for people with consumptive disease, aching lumbus and knees, dizziness, and tinnitus. Keeping eat some every day, and they will get better.

  Goji fruits are sweet and natured. It is good for natured human bodies. People with diarrhea, constipation, cold, fever, or inflammation should not eat goji.

  Goji can be eaten all throughout the year. It is good to make tea with it in summer, especially in the afternoon, which can improve physical fitness and are good for sleep.

  Notice: Do not make green tea with goji. Please make goji tea with florists chrysould likehemum, honeysuckle, scaphium scaphigerum, and rock candy, which is especially good for computer users. In autumn, it is good to make goji tea with pear, tendril-leaved fritillary bulb, dried lily bulb, and radix polygonati officinalis. Of course, it goes well with acid food like hawthorn. In winter, goji matches perfectly with mutton, cistanche, and morinda officinalis, which will keep the body warm and resist cold. It is also good to cook various kinds of congee with goji.

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