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A history of Zhongning goji

  Published time:2014-12-04  Click number:1702

  Zhongning goji is the best in the world. It enjoys a medical history of over two thousand years and a history of artificial cultivation that lasts for over 600 years. It is formerly known as Ningan goji and named after its place of origin—Ninganbao, Zhongning County. Zhongning County is the county of goji named by the State Council, and is goji’s place of origin and production. One of Ningxia’s five treasures, Zhongning goji is reputed over the world for its quality and medicinal value.

  We have had wide goji since the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, yet without literary inscription. The earliest poem about goji appears in The Book of Songs in the Spring and Autumn Period—“Zhangdu” and “Beimen” in “Xiaoya.” The poem “Go to the northern mountain and pick goji fruits” was written three thousand years ago, which means that people started to pick goji in 800 B.C. and that China is the first country to make use of goji. There is a description of goji trees and fruits in the poem “Book of Autumn” written by Xiao Ruxun, a poet from the Ming Dynasty—“the goji trees are loaded with red fruits, and the mountain is covered in green.” In 1747 (the 12th year into the reign of Emperor Qianlong), Wang Zechen wrote in his A Record of Yinchuan: “the goji fruits in Ninganbao (now known as Zhongning County) are big and full. They are planted in every house yard.” The book details the high quality and popularity of Zhongning goji. In 1760 (the 25th year into the reign of Emperor Qianlong), Huang Enxi, magistrate of Zhongwei, wrote in Annals of Zhongwei County: “every household in Ningan plants goji trees, and the goji fruits which are made into medicine all come from Ningan.” The several words have shown the production area, planting mode, and market size of goji. The “Lyric of Bamboo”—“Goji trees are red in June, goji fruits from Ningan are distributed across the country. Goji fruits are valuable even more than fertile lands”—describes the then production, market, pricing, and plating of Zhongning goji.


  In the Republican period, the high-grade goji fruits sold from Zhongning to Shanghai were wrapped with delicate wooden box, which inscribed “A tribute cherrypicked in Niewan.” Niewan was normally known as Niejiawan, and is today’s Liuying Village, Xinbao Town, Zhongning County. Xinbao is short for Ningan Xinbao. Niejiawan is the earliest planting center of goji in Zhongning, and a famous place of origin for Zhongning goji. In 1961 Zhongning County was appointed as the only county to serve as the goji base by the State Council. In 1995 and 2000 it was respectively named as “Home to Goji in China” and “Home to specialties in China” by the State Council. In 2002 “Zhongning goji” was acclaimed as a quality product in China by the State Forestry Bureau. In 2003 “Zhongning goji” was again rated as the “Famous Brand and Quality Product” in the first industrial expo. In 2006 “Zhongning goji” won the title of the “Top 10 Regional Brands.” On 25 April 2009, “Zhongning goji” was rated officially as “China’s Well-Known Trademark” by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. . . .

  Zhongning goji is enduring in history with its quality. The innovative and assiduous brand of Zhongning goji is keeping up with the times.

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