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Learn to identify quality goji to avoid being tricked

  Published time:2014-12-04  Click number:2506

  Are bigger and more sweet goji better? No. Why is traditional Chinese medicine bitter? Because that no ingredients are sugary. We eat goji for health. If goji is not medicinal, then there is no need to eat them.

  As a saying goes, “people can be immortal if they eat goji everyday.” Goji is the food we eat throughout the year and can increase our life span. Many people eat goji, but do not know when to eat them and the best season to eat in. Since many people have no idea about when to eat goji, I will give you some tips.

  It is important to know how to choose goji. Bad goji fruits are unhealthy or even harmful due to its place of origin and the effect of sulfur. As a saying goes “goji with no medicinal properties is inferior to dried grapefruits.” Let’s talk about how to identify good goji.

  1. Place of origin:

  Zhongning is where Ningxia’s wide goji fruits are distributed. In Zhongning County, the history of planting goji instead of picking wide goji can be dated back to the middle of the Tang Dynasty over 1,200 years ago. Guo Tuotuo, a then peasant in Xi’an, Shaanxi, wrote in Book on Tree Planting by Guo Tuotuo:”People from Shaanxi often do business around Hongguangying, Ningxia, south of the Yellow River, where goji is planted. ”That is today’s Zhongning, Ningxia.

  That Zhongning goji has medicinal properties is related to the water. There is a bend of the Yellow River in Zhongning, and the water from Liupan Mountain also gathers here. There is a large amount of humus in water, which makes Zhongning goji the only goji with medicinal properties. Currently, goji is planted in many areas in China. Goji from Qinghai is big and sweet, and that from Gansu is big and round. Yet due to the water and geological location, the goji produced there is too sweet to be made into medicine.

  2. Hand feeling:

  The authentic Zhongning goji contains a small amount of sugar, and is hence not glutinous. The humidity is high from May to September in South China. Those which are not Zhongning goji will be glutinous and stick together.

  Goji fruits in some place contain a large amount of sugar, like those in Qinghai. If they are not fumigated by sulfur before sun cure, then the sugar will be oxidized and go black.

  Because that Zhongning goji fruits contain a small amount of sugar, 90% of the dried fruits will float in water. Yet other goji fruits will not due to the high amount of sugar and hence the large mass. Many goji sold online are not from Zhongning. Some will be mixed with Zhongning goji, yet there will be less than 90% of the total floating.


  3. Taste:

  If you are an expert, you can taste Zhongning and Qinghai goji. Zhongning goji is not sweet. After several chews, you’ll taste the sweetness. Zhongning goji has a strong flavor of a goji fruit, and later you’ll feel bitter. Some believe that the more sweet, the better. But that is wrong. If you prefer sweet ones, why not eat dried grapefruits. Why should you buy goji fruits for their medicinal properties.

  4. Size:

  It should be specified here that Zhongning goji fruits are not so big. Generally, 220 fruits weigh 50 grams. Zhongning goji fruits are not large-sized. There are many big and so-called Zhongning goji on Taobao.com. Please do not be tricked.

  There is a picture where a Zhongning goji fruits are compared with Qinghai goji fruits. Please notice the white dots.



      Zhongning goji fruits                                 Qinghai goji fruits

  Medicinal properties are of the first importance. After reading the introduction above, you’ll known how to choose the quality Zhongning goji. Now let’s talk about the functions of goji in four seasons:

  In spring

  Computer users with fatigue eyes can make tea with goji. Get some goji fruits, wash them, and brew with hot water. Drink it after 10-15 minutes.

  In summer

  The weather is hot. You can make tea with goji to clear away the liver-fire. The best way to give full play to goji is to boil. Put them into a casserole, and add water. Boil the water with the heat on high, then turn it down and boil for another 30 minutes.

  In autumn

  The air is dry. Get some goji fruits and wash. Cook congee with polished round-grained rice and goji, which will treat yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid.

  In winter

  One needs to resist cold in winter. Get some goji fruits and put them in the liquor. Drink it after seven days. You’d better use the Chinese spirit, which will increase Yang in the human body to a moderate level.


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