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Ningxia goji makes you a man

  Published time:2014-12-04  Click number:1660

  A real man is like a soldier. One should be brave to show his sword when an enemy appears. Yet, for a man above 30 years old, there is increasing pressure from work and family. The receding hairlines, bulging underbelly, and impotency are embarrassing men!

  These troubles come from the decrease in functions of liver and kidney. Many people use the liver and kidney function indicators as those of health. Yet they do not indicate that the function of liver and kidney is of the optimal state.

  People with baldness, for example, are often fat, weak, pale, and bothered by drowsiness and excessive sweating; or are emaciated, afraid of cold, look gray, and of low resistibility. They are common in habits—they often sleep late, lack of exercise, and pay little attention to food, which have caused the long-time fatigue and dispiritedness.

  According to traditional Chinese medicine, the main function of liver is to adjust spirit, facilitate digestion, and maintain the normal operation of blood and body fluids. Hair grows when the blood is well circulated; and fat metabolization functions well with normal digestion. If the liver is affected, fat metabolization will be damaged, and further stopped.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is in control of sperm, water, and bodily air. Therefore, kidney is closely related to reproduction; hence call the origin of life, or the “congenital foundation.” It is also in control of hair growth based on the bodily air; therefore, it is related to the growth of the body. The function of kidney directly influences the growth and development, and controls aging and the reproductive capacity. People with poorly functioned kidney tend to lose hair, become dispirited, and even suffer from loss of hearing and sexual function recession.

  Ever since the ancient times, goji has been one of the most important ingredients in the classic prescription for safeguarding kidneys and livers. From the traditional Chinese medical perspective, goji is good for kidneys and livers both in yin and yang sides, and its own nature is mild, so that goji is perfect for safeguarding kidneys and livers in the daily use. According to laboratories, including Public Health School in Wuhan University, LBP can maintain the normal structure and functions of the testicular cells, and improve the sex hormone level and SOD.

  In the era of faces, men have to restore glory and be fashionable lads. Why not try Ningxia goji? Not all goji fruits are included in prescriptive medicines. According to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, only Ningxia goji can be made into medicines.

  —Gao Xiang

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