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The magic to keep away from cancer

  Published time:2014-12-04  Click number:898

  Yesterday I heard that a 36-year-old friend got cancer. She used to work with me and is the mother of a 7-year-old kid. She dared not tell her parents about the cancer, but to shoulder on her own. She is still bright, though, I feel sad as a doctor who sees too many deaths.

  During the not long career as a doctor, I saw an increasing number of people who are forced to fight against cancer. chemoradiotherapy, operation, intervention, and the biological target therapy are more like weapons that have become increasingly advanced. But what have we got? We have only inanimate devices and unstoppable fear of death.

  The best way to cure is to end the war. To prevent from tumor is to cure tumor. That is the lesson we learn from the curing of tumors in human history.

  How can we prevent the disease that has existed since the era of dinosaur? With the efforts of oncologists and nutritionists, we have attached more importance to plant polysaccharide, which is used to prevent us from cancer.

  Plant polysaccharide is a compound of similar or dissimilar monosaccharide, which resides in nature. It is the gift the nature endows us with.

  According to scientific researches, many kinds of plant polysaccharide are biologically active, which can be used for immunoregulation, and to resist tumor, radiation, bacteria and viruses, reduce blood sugar level and blood fat, and protect liver.

  Some kinds of polysaccharide have strong inhibitory effect on cancer cell, and are active in resisting tumor. Lentinan, for example, has been used as an effective assistance drug to cure primary hepatic carcinoma in clinical treatment.

  Lycium barbarum polysaccharide, coriolus versicolor polysaccharide, polyporus polysaccharide, mycelium polysaccharide, and pachymaran have different degrees of antitumor activity. Polysaccharide will destroy the tumor cells in human bodies and facilitate the death of them.

  According to current researches, plant polysaccharide can kill tumor cells by strengthening the immune system, or the non-specifici and specific immunity. Also, it has apparent relationships with the biochemical metabolism of cells, inhibition of tumor cell cycle and superoxide dismutase (SOD).

  Lycium barbarum polysaccharide can intensify the function of the anti-cancer immune inspection system. Laminarin has inhibitive effect on bearing cancer H22 of mice with a success rate of 43.5%. Grifolan can inhibit the growth of tumor and strengthen the immunity system of mice. Other kinds of polysaccharide also resist tumor including polysaccharide from spirulina platensis, tremella polysaccharide, ginseng polysugar, lentinan, polyporus polysaccharide, astragalus polysaccharide, ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides, bamboo polysaccharide, flammulina velutipes polysaccharide, and ssparagus polysaccharide.

  Susan Sontag said that “Disease is the shadow of life, and a trouble of citizen identities. Every person born into this world has a dual citizenship—one belongs to the kingdom of health, and the other to the kingdom of disease. Sooner or later, at least there is time when we have to admit that we are citizens of the other kingdom.”

  I use her words to conclude, so as to remind you of realizing the self for yourself and the people you love and protecting the body with the natural force.

  —Gao Xiang

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