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Fertilizer spread in the Goji Industrial Park in A

  Published time:2014-10-27  Click number:2234

  On the morning of 27 October 2014, “Ningxia Zhongning Goji Cultural and Industrial Park” under the company has spread organic fertilizer.

  To ensure the quality of the “Goji King” next year, organic fertilizer has to be spread again on every goji tree before winter irrigation following the spreading of organic fertilizer in spring. The organic fertilizer is quality-oriented produced by Ningxia Qitai bio-organic fertilizer plant under the company. The spreading in autumn will increase the nutrient reserves for the goji trees to improve the growing environment of the root system and tree resistance; optimize the soil structure for ventilation and root respiration, and improve soil’s ability to retain water and manure and against cold and winter; and lay solid foundation for the high yield and quality next year.

Furrowing with machinery

Loaded with the special bio-organic fertilizer for “Goji King”

Spreading fertilizer along the goji trees

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