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Economic Observation Meeting in Ningxia Autonomous

  Published time:2014-09-20  Click number:1597

  On the afternoon of 20 September 2014, the yearly regional economic observation meeting was held in the Industrial Park. Li Jianhua, secretary of the party committee of Ningxia Autonomous Region, and Liu Hui, chairman of Ningxia Autonomous Region, were presented along with economic observation teams from all districts, and visited “Ningxia Zhongning Goji Industrial Park.”

  The regional economic observation meeting, a yearly grand meeting, is held in the third quarter of a year and focused on the observation of, inspection on, and experience drawing from typical bodies in each industry to promote the sound development of the regional economy. This year, our company’s Production Base, though put into operation for only half a year, produced the “Goji King”—“Zhongning Goji No. 7” with the highest yield, standard, and quality, which, along with its most advanced traceability system, were highly acclaimed by leaders and markets in Zhongning County, Zhongwei City, and the Autonomous Region. Hence, the Production Base was chosen by Zhongwei City as the economic observation site and the company the only featured agricultural and goji-producing enterprise for economic observation among all the counties and districts. On August 15, at the Economic Observation Meeting convened in the Industrial Park, Ma Tingli, vice chairman of Ningxia Autonomous Region and Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Zhongwei City, summed up the seven features of the company to precisely and objectively reflect the achievements of the company: first, high-end orientation; second, intensive production; third, standardized planting; fourth, refined management; fifth, manor-style operation; sixth, integrated development; seventh, technological innovation.

  On the spot of observation, Chen Jianhua, the secretary of the party committee of Zhongning County, introduced the leaders to the development, strategic plans, and phased achievements of the goji industry in Zhongning County. Yin Xiaochun, chairman of Qitai, then reported on the overall planning and phased construction of the Industrial Park. Secretary Li and Chairman Liu walked into the Park with high spirits. Upon seeing the well-arranged and well-grown goji trees with red fruits and green leaves, the leaders marveled at the big, abundant, well-shaped, and tasty goji fruits. In front of the “Goji King” exhibition stand, the leaders learned the goji-related production and brand building and asked questions about pricing and market strategies. They have high expectations for the “Goji King” which puts safety first and aims to become the first-rate brand.

  Before the ending of observation, Secretary Li held the hand of Chairman Yin, saying: “You did well in building the Goji Industrial Park! Keep up the good work, and I will visit here next year!”

    Yin Xiaochun, chairman of the company introduces the leaders to the Goji Industrial Park

    Secretary Li and Chairman Liu walked into the Goji Industrial Park to check on the growth of goji trees

    Leaders of the Autonomous Region including Li Jianhua, Liu Hui, Qi Tongsheng, and Ma Tingli comment on the “Goji King” dried fruits

    Members of the economic observation group stay in front of the “Goji King” exhibition stand

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