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Liu Hui, chairman of of Ningxia Autonomous Region, learns about the growth of goji trees in the Industrial Park

  Published time:2014-09-04  Click number:1679

  From September 4 to September 5, 2014, the “Goji King” produced by Ningxia Qitai Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. participated in 2014 International Agricultural Brands Development Seminar in Beijing.

  “2014 International Agricultural Brands Development Seminar in Beijing,” approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, is co-hosted by 9 bodies including China Good Agri-Products Development & Service Association, China Green Food Association, Chinese Agri-Products Marketing Association, China Agricultural Association for International Exchange, China Association of Agricultural Leading Enterprises, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, China Society of Fisheries, China Animal Agriculture Association, and China Agricultural Exhibition Association. The seminar is oriented on “brand benefits: trust creates value.” It discussed the idea and trend of the development of international agricultural brands, learnt experience from the foreign companies, expanded the horizon of Chinese agricultural brands, and explored the potential benefits of brand building and the means and strategies to realize China’s agricultural modernization. This is the largest, highest-layered, and most influential international conference on agriculture. The seminars have been successfully held twice. For the past two years, the biggest voice to advocate the development of agriculture has emanated from here. The agricultural organizations have been a strong force to promote the building of modern agricultural brands in China.

     On September 4 2014 International Agricultural Brands Development Seminar is convened in Beijing

    Liu Xuezhi, deputy mayor of Zhongwei City (on the left) visits Zhongning Exhibition Area and gets to know the “Goji King” products of Qitai

“Goji King” products on exhibition


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